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Sunday 20th September 2020

A beautiful spring day greeted members as we arrived at Stortford Lodge. After a brief chat and Margaret distributing our Run Sheets we were ready to go. We stopped at the Paper Mulberry Cafe for our morning tea stop. A wonderful selection of food and drinks for members to choose. When members were finished we were ready to go again. We travelled the back roads around the Argyll area until we stopped at the Lime Rock Winery. The scenery was beautiful and the drive was enjoyed by all. 

Arriving at the winery we were greeted by our hosts. A treat for all as we were able to enjoy the wine tasting with our lunch. Our hosts, Roger and Rosie were very interesting to listen to as they shared information about the winery and wines they make. Following the tasting and before members left there were a few brown bags being taken to members cars with a selection of wines they had enjoyed.

Thank you to Margaret for organising our visit and our run.



The weather report had been dreadful all week for our August run held on Sunday 18th so an alternative was planned but as the day turned out lovely and sunny we headed off down to Hau Ora Clay Shooting.  We had a great turnout and after a Health & Safety meeting and a cup of tea or coffee and biscuits the shooters were taken down to the shooting stands.  Our host Paul Callow was on hand to give full instructions.  We had a brilliant time with much encouragement given from The Club Room spectators.  Each shooter had 5 rounds on the first stand then another 5 from another stand which gave a whole new perspective.  At the end of the 10 rounds each Hanna and John were standing equal so a shootout was declared.  Paul gave these two a tougher task by pulling two in quick succession then another three.  Great to watch both these contestants but there had to be a winner and Hanna took out the challenge by one amid much applause (especially the girls!).  Everyone then headed back up the hill to their cars and off to the Patangata Hotel for lunch.  We had a wonderful time chatting and catching up with some great members.  Thank you everyone for taking part in this fantastic day the Committee enjoyed seeing you all and Paul Callow enjoyed hosting everyone at Hau Ora Clay Shooting.