Hawke's Bay British & European Car  Club Inc.


About Us

Welcome to the Hawke's Bay British and European Car Club Inc.  We are a group of Hawke’s Bay enthusiasts who collectively own a very interesting variety of British and European Cars.  At present we have over 80 members, some with cars that may not be museum pieces and some that certainly are, however they are all used for enjoyment, an excuse to get out and about with other like minded people. We like to share information and encourage restoration and preservation of Classic Cars.

We organise a monthly Car event for club members to enjoy. Our members receive details of the monthly car events.

There are organised trips away to different parts of the country to take part in other Classic Car Rallies, Car Shows, or to watch Classic Car Racing.

These regular events vary depending on who is organising them but in recent events they included runs that start at an organised meeting place or café, this is where participants are given a set of rally instructions to follow and questions to answer along the way. All rallies end at an organised destination or venue where members mix and mingle before prize giving.

A timed run is another event where contestants drive a set route then later drive the same route with the winner being the person who has had the least difference between their two times (consistency not speed wins the day).

A gymkhana is an event where contestants have a series of driving challenges all in the safety of a mown paddock.

By far our biggest event of the year is our classic car display “Wheels on Windsor” which attracts a fantastic collection of cars from all over the country and is held annually at Windsor Park, Hastings on the second Sunday in March.

We do not do any form of racing and we do not condone anyone breaking the law.

History of our club

The Olde English Car Club was formed in 1991 and two years later became associated with the British Car Club of NZ Inc. It was known locally as the British Car Club of NZ, Hawke's Bay Branch.

After some years paying all but $5 of our annual Subs to the incorporated body, it was decided at a special general meeting to break our association with the parent organisation and become a standalone British Car Club.  A name change was legally required for this to happen and so the HB British Car Club was born.

Sometime later we became an Incorporated Society and from there the club grew and eventually certain British marques became associate members of the HB British Car Club Inc.

The Triumph Register was the first to become associated, and several others followed, including the HB Jaguar Drivers Club and the Daimler and Lanchester Owners Club.  In 2007 the club changed its name to the Hawke’s Bay British and European Car Club Inc.